Soon after India gained independence, it has abeen satellite nation of America and Japan. First Indian leaders were discrete, but now with the rapid rise of China, India is forced to acknowledge it.

Media will be used to shape public opinion. People who read the most are most likely to be brain damaged.

Japan, a country that killed and raped citizens of its neighbors ruthlessly, and in ways unimaginable, has respect now in India. A father or brother forced to have sex with a girl. On Japanese army’s command, And after that all of them killed was a standard practice of the Japanese. Chinese called them Pygmy devils.

Now Indians either don’t believe it, “you are lying” is the phrase they love to use, or say it was wartime, Japanese have apologized and many years have passed on, it’s time we moved on.

How do we move on? Forgiveness is a gift given to the victims, not to someone witnessing . Indians like to forgive others for grave crimes done against others, but if somebody even looks at their daughter they become ready to murder him.

It’s China’s right to do what it wants to do in revenge. India should be willing to request them to take proper steps and not be carried over by feeling of revenge. But Indians are waiting to kill the Chinese to protect their master Japan. Like a pet dog.

Nobody cares what Indians think. Next superpower? Ha ha ha. When Indians talk about what a great civilization we are, rest of the world thinks, “These good for nothing, they surely do talk a lot.”

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