Mitsubishi Lawsuit – Real Story

Japanese are really smart people. Those in power are especially cunning too. In my story:

  1. My girlfriend clearly applied to a wrong job – the job was for a system engineer and my resume had my job objective Investment Analyst.
  2. The company decided that I had been in job in the USA for over 4 years. It simply meant to I was coming to Japan because I had been unsuccessful in securing my green card.
  3. Ultimately 12 senior executives signed papers to hire me.
  4. Japan was counting on Indian forces as a trump card against China, so it couldn’t make a mistake to arouse Indian ill-will.
  5. Then opened with offer of permanent job which indicates they thought I didn’t have a green card.
  6. Just to make sure they checked with the girlfriend and called me to Japan which confirmed that I didn’t have a green card.
  7. Then their American CEO told me that my job will be permanent on paper but will be temporary on reality I kept a poker case which convinced them I lied on my resume about my permanent residency.
  8. They decided to lie to me throughout, forcing me to come to Japan by putting pressure on the Japanese girl.
  9. My verbal ability was important. If they could force me to learn Japanese by constant shouting at me, they could save money on future employees from India.
  10. No repercussions from India as expected. Modi and cabinet are real puppets, and so are almost all Indians.

I feel like how Cassandra thought. The destruction of India is quite possible in near future thanks to Japan and Mitsubishi India.