ASAP means Now

An Indian owned recruiting company contacted me. The client, Chase or JP Morgan was looking for a SQL programmer at its Ohio at $60 per hour. They made it clear that they wanted the programmer as soon as possible.

They hired me on a Friday and wanter me to travel from Oakland (near San Francisco) to Ohio, quite distant, and report for work on the next Monday.

In Oakland, just like everywhere else, there are rental agreements, and one has to give advance notice to vacate otherwise 1-2 month’s rent is forfeited. Then all the belongings have to stored at rental storage units. And other things like informing the post office. Moreover plane fares were generally much higher if booking at short notice notice.

Similar process in reverse had to be performed at Ohio.

I said I need at least one month.

We argued and I refused to start work the coming Monday.

About 1-2 months later the same company contacted me for the same job. Al lthe past was forgotten and forgiven. Seems like the managers at Chase loved me ahnd there was no need for a new interview.

They gave me one month’s time to join them.

I bought the plane ticket, booked a hotel room for about a week or two. Intuition told me to buy everything with refundable options, even if they were slightly higher in price.

Sunday before the Monday I was supposed to start work. The Indian recruiting company called me and told Chase decided to revert back (cancel) the contract and I will not be hired.

Good that I had bought everything refundable. Plane tickets, hotel rooms.Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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