The art of business

Eastern cultures have known for years that being polite and caring yields more results. Indians are the sole exception, it seems.

Remember the program, 60 minutes, aired about two decades ago on CBS. My comments on it are there on my original site

In it there was an IITian, Vinod Khosla, extremely rich, who bragged about how he cruised through the Carnegie Mellon courses so easily and the CBS’s woman was almost in tears so impressed.

Later I discovered that he was true in Carnegie Melon, a top university for computer science studies, but he was not in electrical engineering. He was in some derivative program – Social effect of computers – or something like that where not getting an A would have been almost impossible. Also he didn’t have technical skills. He came as an investor and did a remarkable job with it, but the credit for Sun Microcomputer lies elsewhere.

Americans slowly discover things. Now they know about Indians. They still need Indians – lots of them – but when the time comes they will take the suitable actions. Kenya, Burma, Uganda are some of the countries that come to my mind.

An Indian in Oakland owned a restaurant (KFC?). He fired all the poor workers after every 29 days and rehired them the very next day. This way he could save on health benefits -didn’t have to buy them health insurance or something like that. Most of Indians will think wow, smart move. And then one day he will find himself with a deportation notice and nobody would weep for him.

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