IIM Admissions Tamasha

IIM Amissions Tamasha

I got admission to IIM-Bangalore for the 1981-83 batch. IIM-Ahmedabad had called for the interview in Chennai but I received a failing grade after the interview. Four professors gave me 1 out of 5 each, a sole exception gave me 2 out of 5. and they made sure I see the scores clearly before exiting the room. I never got an interview call from IIM-Kolkata which surprised me a lot because I thought I got the highest by far on the quant sections and Kolkata was known for its strength in quant areas.

IIM-Bangalore interview was very short. The professor looked at my scores and announced that my quant skill was very good. 

Earlier I had received my GMAT scores. Had scored 56. 46 was 99%ile. Including standard error nobody in the world was expected to be better. CAT was a poor man’s GMAT. CAT had introduced one special section. It consisted of 30 quantitative questions and a mere 10 minutes to solve them. I guess I was the one only one to have completed that section. The second person would have completed only half.

My estimate of my score:

Q : 95 / 100. All time high ever.

V: 80%ile

Result: Admitted to IIM, Bangalore. IIM, Ahmedabad got the lowest score on the interview. 1, 2, 1, 1, 1. All out of 5. IIM, Kolkata known for its quant emphasis, didn’t call be for even interview.

At IIM, Ahmedabad had dared to ask where was the group discussion. All we did was present our views for 1 minute each, one by one. It got over just when me turn came and unfortunately I protested.

At Calcutta IIM, 3 years prior my classmate Somnath Sinha had gotten admission. He was average in quant abilities.