Redneck professor Bob O’neill, SIU-C

I did very well in computer courses. One summer I took three business courses. Then I asked Varol, the computer science professor, could I just sit in his class – IBM Assembly language course – and be graded on assignments and tests, which he gracefully agreed. Without enrolling for the course I got the highest. Got admission to computer science department. A professor, Bob O’Neill heard of me and wanted me as his TA. Other Indian TAs warned me of the ‘redneck’ professor. I said what can he do.

There was an undergraduate Indian male from UK who used to tell me about how a professor had him kicked out of the course/program for alleged copying and then he had to go to the senate to fight back his place.

I didn’t believe him. Why would an American, White professor do such a thing unless there was some proof. Obviously this Indian guy was lying.

First mid-term. The professor was going to be out of town. He told me to proctor the exam and announced that to the class.

It was my first time with the students. There was an darker-skinned Indian girl too.The exam hall was big with many doors – some at front, some at side and some at back. I gave out the papers – total 91 in all. The exam got over and when I collected the papers back there were only 90 – one less than I had distributed.

Told the professor that one paper is missing and suggested ways not to happen such things happen in the future.

Very soon his behavior towards me changed to completely shouting and screaming. Linda, the other TA, was surprised. The second mid-term arrived. This time he gave the question paper only to Linda to check and not to me. I caught him staring at me often. Thought I have a crazy professor. And thought missing paper was the cause of all this.

One day he raised his hand and I really thought he was going to hit me and ducked him. He started asking why did you duck me. I kept quite.

Much later a student from the class told me that he suspected me of helping the Indian student because she got 90 and in her previous class with him had scored only 30 something. He complained to the class about the poor quality of my solutions etc. etc.

The student told me the Indian student had a Chinese boyfriend, both were from Hong Kong. He was very smart capable of scoring 90 on the test but was not taking that particular course.

The answer became clear to me. Would have been much earlier if he told about the case to me.

I became depressed. Went from 29 inch waist to 32-33 inch waist in a semester. Didn’t perform so good in my courses.

Went to financial advisor Varol to report about this. Varol already knew about the case and put the blame on me.