Sanjay Dayal Found out the truth

 At Xamplify my heart used to ache with my minimal wages of $1,000 a week. Others were getting twice of what I was making, Sumer Johal was making $250,000 a year, a very rare event for start-ups. Companies used to have IPOs for just his salary.One day I got the heart attack. It was a mild one. I was in denial for a few days. I was the only one in the company who was not covered under medical insurance but at end went to Highland hospital and EKG and echo tests confirmed my suspicions.

I wrote to Bob Oliver, the CEO of the company then, and Sanjay Dayal convinced him that he was my good friend and Bob sent him to meet me. At our meeting he didn’t remember all I had told him about symptoms and my guess is that he told Bob that I was lying. I remained with my heart attack. I waited for a few more years. Just before leaving America at a company that had medical insurance even for me, I got the stent done.

Bob saved money most of which went for Sanjay Dayal’s salary. Smoking all the time and drinking Starbucks coffee with the handicapped parking.