Netaji and Japan

Netaji was an excellent leader, motivating orator, and very very popular among the masses who had found a leader different from others and was loved by them

Netaji first went to Germany and from there he went to Japan. Japan got hold of him, used him for propaganda against the British and when it lost the war, handed him over to the British. 

I stayed in Japan for 6 years, most of the time being harassed by Mitsubishi, and was able to find a very capable lawyer to fight them in court. Japan being what it is, the matter was straight forward, but the case proceeded to the supreme court where as expected I lost.

In the court they couldn’t act much and revealed their true nature which came out as truly untra racist and as Chinese and Koreans know that Japanese consider themselves to be superior to other Asians including Indians.

On the other hand many Indians, especially Bengalis and to a smaller extent South Indians think of Japanese as their friends.

I was an elite of India, IIT-B graduate, studied with Nandan Nilekani, Manohar Parrikar, Narendra Karmarkar and many others. 

I can’t stop you from being dead wrong about them and it is my duty to report on what I saw and how I interpret their actions regarding Netaji. I know from my encounters with Indians what will be their most frequent reactions. Mast will ignore me, and some will start screaming and shouting,”you are lying.”

I believe when we elect a Prime Minister who is wise and not be influenced by free “technology transfers’ by Japan, and his cabinet which currently consists of sycophants, stupids and the corrupt will change, Japan will be exposed. Interim my interpretation of Japan’s actions:

Introduction to Netaji’s Association with Japan:

Netaji arrived from Germany by ship. Japanese army came to the decision that Netaji can play a useful role in propaganda against the British.They made him the head of INA. Netaji didn’t have any fighting background and was physically not in very good shape. He had come to Japan to help him drive out the British from India but instead he was offered a job he was unqualified for and didn’t have any interest in. Japanese used Rash Behari Base to influence him. He became the head of INA. 

Japan didn’t have any interest in the members of the INA. For actual fighting they used their Japanese army, not trusting these ‘losers.’ 

As expected Netaji failed miserably. He made mistakes which a novice military man will make and lost his people. But we really can’t blame for that. Japanese were responsible for using him and were responsible for all those INA men who suffered.

Then came the end. Japan really really cared for their emperor. So when the demand from the British came to hand over Netaji to them because they had to punish him for causing them so much trouble, they had to quickly think of a plan to do so. They used the ruse of plane accident, but plane’s activities were tracked and nobody in Japan will act to endanger their Emperor’s life, but luckily for them they were primarily dealing with Bengalis.

I have tried to tell my story about what happened to me. First I told a young Bengali student,about 18 years old,  at University of California at Berkeley. I just said,” I was in Japan. I was harassed by Mitsubishi.” Then came the angry outpouring from him,” YOU ARE LYING. Mitsubishi is one of the kindest and gentlest people in the world.”  I a few years later I told a colleague, Dr. Patha Saha, from MIT the same. He said,” Yeah, conspiracy, people are full of conspiracy theories nowadays.”

The truth has to be told, whatever you blame me of. Good luck.