Modi, Jaishankar and Kyoko

Japan has 3 agents to control India. Modi is one. He is happy with election fund gift, Shinkasen train, and having tea in Tokyo. Jaishankar, born to an influential dad, was not a good student, but thanks to usual padding of interview scores, scored high on IFS. Completely dumb, Team China is waiting for him to leave so that they can talk seriously but they know replacement will likely be dumb. Kyoko is Japan’s main agent. Jaishankar takes direct orders from her. Even Modi listens to her.

These three agents are Japan’s faithful agents. There are many more. Entire foreign agency works for Japan. There are a few, who read and have brains. Modi, Jaishankar avoid them’ An IIT classmate, who was friends to Manohar Parrikar, told me that he didn’t take bribe, and was not liked by Modi and Amit Shaw. India does not want independent minds.


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