Sumer Johal from MIT

Within 1 minute of meeting you he would let you know that his father was a poor farmer in Punjab. Later I checked his background. He apparently graduated from an expensive boarding school in Chandigarh. He had a sister and her family near Detroit and a rich uncle somewhere in Austin, Texas.

Once I did some work on Patelco Credit Union’s database. In the control group of 300,000 only 1 signed up for credit cards. In the treatment group, of same size, 2 people signed up for credit cards. Totally random events. just shows the treatment didn’t work.

The research head of Fair Isaac came to his office. I heard him saying our method lifts results by 100%, a shockingly impossible number. I wanted to hide somewhere. Similar lies he spoke without hesitation. Thankfully, she didn’t buy his lie.

Berkeley’s Bob Isaac, class of ’63 was his mentor at MIT. Many times he told me that he was destined to become a billionaire. Like some Indian from MIT. Can’t recall the name.

He had an BS and MS (claimed) from MIT. (Last week checked with MIT. Their letter is on my front page. It shows he was awarded BS and MEngg. for the same paper. No mention of computer science there. No MS. I think he will get below 10%ile in computer science GRE. No masters in computer science from MIT.)

When he was fired the company found out the he was lying all the time and the company has lost lots of money. More about him later. My estimate of his scores V:10%  Q:50% (generous estimate)

I think he would have been comfortable making and selling Tandoori chicken and lassi in Chandigarh, with Bhangra as a side show. MIT also knows that taking money from pentagon has its price.