My heart attack in America

Ar Mitsubishi I was harassed and didn’t eat properly. Company used to provide food to everyone except me. It didn’t serve vegetarian food. 

I gained weight. I had ballooned to 42 inches waist and the weight was 90+ when I left Japan. According the chief cardiologist at Oakland Highland, if he developed severe diabetes that had damaged my arteries.

When I went to Highland hospital, a new doctor looked at my EKG chart and told ne ‘You had a heart attack.’ The technician at Echo center showed me a scar on my heart which was the result of a heart attack. But then I made a crucial mistake.

The head cardiologist, a morbidly obese woman asked me what will I do if it was a heart attack. I told her I will sue the company executives many of whom were rich (one was a billionaire.) Then she told me my file will be sent to external consultant for his opinion.

His report came and he found that nothing was wrong with me. I was perfect all right and was discharged. I asked the chief cardiologist when could I see her again, she said never, she was too busy. As a consolation she handed me a box of pills and asked me to take it when I got unbearable pain in my chest.

Last time I went to Highland. Checked for my records. They could not fine it. Instead of jumping to conspiracy, I would attribute to mistake in entering my data incorrectly. Like entering ‘Kanal Sinha’ and not ‘Kamal Sinha.’ It happened to me once with the ambulance services.