Syed – Business Dean from Egypt, SIU-C

Dean Syed was an Egypt-born dean of Business School. When Urbana-Champaign gave me admission and scholarship to Ph.D. program they made it clear to me that I will have to join them in Fall 1982 or later postpone to 1983, couldn’t go to it in Spring semester.

Talked to Syed about it. He said Urbana-Champaign was not a good school. Since number of deans the school has matters in the ranking becuase deans participate in the poll, Urbana’s high ranking was because of number of its deans. How it matters I couldn’t understand, but he asked me to complete my MBA. I said I was going to finish at end of Fall, could postpose it. He said no, no, they have many assistant professorship they will give one of them to me to judge if teaching is for me. I said I could not be left alone after Fall semester becuase no funding I will have to go back to India.

I went to him after the Fall 1982. He said nothing doing. We have nothing for you. I told him than I will have to go back to India. He gave the loudest and happiest laugh, “Ha Ha you will have to go back to India.”