Jaishankar and Japan

(work in progress)

Son of a famous diplomat, he studied in Delhi’s Stephen’s college. His father’s high rank assured him that he got through IFS, All he had to do was pass the written test, relatively much simpler job, then the interview would have been easy. In case of any big shot’s relative especially the son, the interviewers tend to touch the feet of the candidate and ask for his blessing. Just kidding but near to truth.

Anyway he is married to a Japanese lady and recently I read that he said that India’s job is to protect Japan. I guess it was his wife’s inner voice. I have found the Japanese women protect Japanese interest at all costs. Part of their upbringing, I guess.

He has spent over 4 years as ambassador to China. But the things were chilly when I saw Jaishankar on TV with Chinese delegates.As such he is a trump card for Japan and America.

He will keep repeating “our relations are at crossroads” and Chinese will wait till he and Modi are out of power. Then some progress might come.