Mitsubishi – No physically handicapped

Mitsubishi didn’t hire any physically handicapped employees. It was not uniquely evil in this regard. Pretty much all Japanese companies didn’t hire physically handicapped employees. We had stairs to climb and it didn’t create any problem for us. We were all physically capable of climbing strairs. One day some construction work started in our building.… Continue reading Mitsubishi – No physically handicapped

Just like an operating system

wokwokwok 85 days ago | parent | favorite | on: Linux Foundation starts AgStack, an open-source ag…> “Just like an operating system, we feel there will be a whole universe of applications that can be built and consumed using AgStack,” Johal added. “From pest prediction and crop nutrition to harvest management and improved supply-chain collaboration, the possibilities are endless.”…said AgStack executive director… Continue reading Just like an operating system

Sumer Singh’s controversial resume

Taken from the resume confusion page on Sumer my dot com site.. Images removed. For your benefit. Sumer Johal Resume confusion Sumer Johal on Xamplify confusion Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Sumer Johal is Xamplify’s Chief Technology Officer. He is an expert in real-time information transfer and scalable, secure design. (emboldened by me)… Continue reading Sumer Singh’s controversial resume