Tweets to Nandan Nilekani about Shyam Maniyar, BAJAJ

kamal sinha 730442 iitb years ago a scumbag from Bajaj told you he needed your number cause Kamal Sinha , a dear friend.needed to call you. later Kamal was not given the number. That’s why he(I) cant call you.  HELP HELP HELP

Bajaj informed about Maniyar

Last week write bout three letters to Bajaj stating them about Maniyar’s lack of connection with Nandan Nilekani and likely Manohar Parrikar too. I am not sure how will thing turn out here. In Berkeley when I complained about Sumer Johal, highly paid about 250,000 dollars a year, a MIT triple gradate,Bob Oliver, he did… Continue reading Bajaj informed about Maniyar

Shyam Maniyar at Bajaj

Gradually Shyam is becoming powerful. Shyam, at IIT, didn’t know Nandan Nilekani at all. Both had different mental levels. Maniyar had got into IIT based on his rank in Maradwara ? university. Poor performance in all courses. He talked maska to professors and cleared IIT studies. He helped a lot. Nandan Nilekani was my friend.… Continue reading Shyam Maniyar at Bajaj

Modi, Jaishankar and Kyoko

Japan has 3 agents to control India. Modi is one. He is happy with election fund gift, Shinkasen train, and having tea in Tokyo. Jaishankar, born to an influential dad, was not a good student, but thanks to usual padding of interview scores, scored high on IFS. Completely dumb, Team China is waiting for him… Continue reading Modi, Jaishankar and Kyoko

Diverse Japanese staff

There is a common misunderstanding that Japanese look alike. I worked with them, at Mitsubishi, Japan’s most notorious company, and understood that they were different. Dr. Shinaya Fushini, was a graduate of Todai, University of Tokyo. His GREO database was popular. He had spent nearly 2 years at IBM USA.He was quite good in English.… Continue reading Diverse Japanese staff

Satyajit Ray’s Movie

He was an excellent movie director. Saw his last English language movie – Home and Outside. There was a scene where Utpal Dull mentioned evils of the world and he mentioned atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When I was as student in Bengal, dropping of atom bombs was frequently mentioned in debates to… Continue reading Satyajit Ray’s Movie

GMAT 800 – My story

We all know of schools where about 700-720 seems to be a decent score. Stanford, Chicago, MIT, listed on their their application forms, the GMAT distribution of its admitted students in the MBA program, and sometimes in their PhD programs. About 10 to 20% entering classes exceeding 700, was many times mentioned. Distribution of 800… Continue reading GMAT 800 – My story