What news about China comes to us

Yesterday. Googled ‘china’ in its news. Copied news headings from first 2 pages They were:

‘Creeping capture’: How China is trying to ‘control’ global bodies like UN, WHO – TOI

Didi slides 11% after China launches a cybersecurity review of the company days after its US IPO – Opindia

Pakistan inducts China-made VT-4 battle tanks for offensive role – Hindustan Times

India plans to rework the EVs space as it pushes China against the – mint

US Expresses Concern Over China’s Nuclear Arms Buildup – NDTV

In challenge to US, signs of China expanding its nuke arsena ..TOI

Photos show China building over 100 ‘nuclear’ missile silos, US voices concern – Hindustan Times

EU demands over Xinjiang ‘unacceptable’, says China WION

China’s wolf-warrior diplomacy in Indian experience has gone beyond sabre-rattling: Shashi Tharoor – Economics Times

‘Poverty divides us’: gap between rich and poor poses threat to China – The Guardian

Seems like China is a threat to humanity. Good we have ‘friends’ like the USA and Japan. News media is preparing us for a war to punish China, it appears.

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