Indian cook wanted in Silicon Valley

For a few months in 2010 worked at Ebay in Silicon Valley. For lunch there was a cafeteria – Whitman Hall or something.

My guess was about 40-50% of Ebay employees were from India or neighborhood countries.

But the cafeteria had no Indian food. There were sandwiches (for whites?), Chinese food, Mexican food and even a salad bar where I preferred to eat because I was a vegan.

My Indian coworkers mostly brought food from home or sometimes went to nearby Wholefoods store or pizza restaurants. Nobody complained.

A few month later when I was talking about this to Dr. Partha Saha, MIT, he remarked that he knows about this problem. Ebay had been unsuccessfully looking for an Indian cook for long.

If you know some neighborhood dhaba cook, please ask him if he is willing to move to Ebay. Salary will be say 2 crore rupees. Not agreeing? Let’s make it 5 crore rupees.