Modiji and Japan

(work in progress)

Modi is a very popular politician. He is very shrewd to deal with local politics in India. But where he failed miserably is foreign policy. During his era India has almost become a satellite of Japan with serious repercussions. He is not to be blamed solely for that. Prime Ministers mainly depend on their top level officials for intelligence for their decision making. In case of Japan all his assistants are first of all very incompetent, which is common in India, on top of that they all have been bought by Japan. It need not necessarily be monetary. It can be either knowingly or unknowingly.

Modi’s downfall started just before he was elected. Some Japanese trading house perhaps informed the Japanese PM that this Hindu nationalist will get elected. Abe immediately got into action.

He result is so apparent now. Seems to me whole Modi government is working for Japan. If there was anyone questioning, in India nobody questions, and if they are foolish enough, their careers are over.

China is observing very carefully. They have lot of work in front of them. They can’t warn India now. They are working slowly hoping over time India will recognize Japan not a friend. Time is almost running out though.