Full one hour leave for marriage

Sanjay Bhargava was a classmate at IIT. We used to speculate that he would go to IIM -Ahmedabad. And he went there. Afterwards I found that he was a gold medalist there, he went to America and worked with Musk when ebay was founded.

His son did his MBA from University of Chicago, and joined a hedge fund probably in Los Angeles. He met an Indian girl, they decided to marry.

You know hedge fund guys are busy. For his son’s marriage in the court, legally recognized, his boss gave him, perhaps an hour’s leave, and also sent a witness. After he same back to office, he resumed his unfinished task.

Sanjay had a proud look (perhaps not I am guessing).

That was in 2013. A few years later on Radio Mirchi heard that some Indian working in middle-east was getting married online. Company apparently didn’t give him leave. That was prior to Corvid 19.

Marrying online might become a matter of pride for proud Indian parents. See, our son is so busy. Jeff Bezos needs him 24 hours a day.