SQL at Wells Fargo, Walnut Creek

 The job was for Credit Analyst. I had made it clear that I don’t want a SAS-SQL programmar job, even though some programming was ok.

Many people interviewed me, and the VP offered me the job.

A Caucasion manager, called my recruiting company and told her that he wanted to test me again for my SAS-SQL skills. 

I had taken SAS-SQL proficiency exams and I had taken them had scored among the highest – 90% and 94%.

I asked the recruiter if it was normal to test after the job was offered. She said no.

It was interesting to know that when I met him in the company, he was performing simple functions on SAS-SQL – with the proficiency of somebody with 2 hours of training on SAS-SQL.

He called, I told him I was willing to be interviewed on my SAS-SQL stills if he allowed me to test him on his SAS-SQL skills because I rhought he didn’t know any SAS-SQL and it will be a shame to work for such an incompetent person.

We hung up the phone.