GMAT 800 – My story

We all know of schools where about 700-720 seems to be a decent score. Stanford, Chicago, MIT, listed on their their application forms, the GMAT distribution of its admitted students in the MBA program, and sometimes in their PhD programs. About 10 to 20% entering classes exceeding 700, was many times mentioned. Distribution of 800 score was not mentioned, as far as I remember. GMAC’s catalog mentioned “score up to 800” is possible. Years ago someone mentioned to me that Henry Kissinger had obtained a 800 on GMAT. I had heard several IITians score 775 or so. Haven’t seen their scores, knowing the habit of IITians lying, don’t know that. 800 seemed achievable In fact after I got my first score of 730, I did some rough calculations, 800 seemed easy to achieve, after spending 1 year in the USA. Thought will use that score to easily get in PhD programs.

You will think why I felt so confidant. GMAC mentions that retaking it is generally futile. Your score can go up but it can do down too. It mentioned unless things have changed significantly, don’t retake your rests. I think that many IITians and Indians take GRE and GMAT, several times, in spite of their great costs, then become totally silent.

My quantitative score was 56 out of 60. I had made 4 mistakes out of 60 questions. 30 questions in each section. The questions were very simple. I got the my answer sheets back. Think I make random simple errors. If I were extra careful, would have gotten 4 additional questions right, 4 + one fewer penalty. that would have improved my score by about 25 points – 750.

It would have been close but not exactly 800.

My great hope lied in my great improvement I did in my verbal skills.

In India when I had taken my GMAT, there was a case study section and many questions were based on it, I didn’t know what a “super market” meant and had answered based in vague understanding of it. I had better understanding of American situations now, and could answer comfortably.

Was expecting a much higher score than my previous 89%ile, and I did it – 99%ile on verbal.

While solving the quantitative section had my suspicion. While solving general tests in America, I use to divide questions mentally, into “for dogs,” and for rest – for questions whose answer came instantly to me, didn’t require any thinking, and rest – for the rest – that required some thinking, about 5-10 seconds, each. Unlike the first time, which had about 7-8 questions where I thought for a few seconds, the second time was instant. Like GRE, like Maggi.

People used to relative grading will understand this. Toppers at IIT Bombay used to visit professors to request them to make the test more difficult, so that students like me could not compete with them. IIT Bombay’s electrical engineering department was notorious for this.

GMAC had a booklet that mentioned that they believed in having wide diversity of score – from -3 SD (standard deviations) to plus 3 SDs. Their goal was 0 to 60, SD was 10, and upper cutoff was 60. The first time upper cut off was 61. Served me well.

Actually I would have been happiest with a much wider range – say with – like IIM’s CAT exam with a section of 30 question, with 10 minutes – 1980. GMAT was always disappointing. With real stupid students completing a section, 20 correct, in thirty minutes, getting a fellowship to PhD at Harvard, MIT, Harvard, So please don’t them study beyond high school. There were other venues for their abilities – like being the president of United States.

But then the assault of low-IQ GMAT questions continued. Result, a 99% in quantitative section, but the scaled scored was much lower. Total score was 750, that depressed me for some time, because is should have been 790 or 800. If I had managed to control my silly errors, it would have 800+. Had the GMAC’s, objective been maintained. In America not possible. Count this as a victory for Against Talent Group. Computer science too was interesting. There to control me they started harassing me later assisted by Japan.

I just wanted to study in America and use the talent which God had generously endowed me with. But made the mistake of performing well and not being humble and touching their feet. So I got severely punished. Promise next like will be in a country where talent is respected. That rules out the USA and Japan who believe in killing. More so if you innocent children. They really hate talented people. Even son of God will be punished there.

Like my white colleague, at Mitsubishi, who could speak just one-and a half words (“Hai”, and “wakarimashita”) and no reading and writing skills after 3 years and $100,00 language training at Berlitz Yokohama, who was from Princeton PhD in computer science program, and others, one, I know his white friend from Oxford, just like him, repeat “Life I good; destroy China; they have started liking merit, bad for whites. Bomb them. (repeat)”

“Namaste.” (I word hope your Caucasian co-workers are aware of.)


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