IISc Professor’s evaluation

K. Raghuram was a dear friend. He was Andhra’s topper out of 2 lakh students. Had about 8.5 GPA in electrical engineering, almost a distiction. Later studied at LSU before going on to Carnegie Mellon to do his Ph.D. Currently, a professor at IISc, a place rated higher than IITs.

He was an excellent classical singer, an excellent painter.

Once he remarked to me that I could memorize well but I was not intelligent enough to continue in electrical and should change my department.

I knew it was for my benefit. He is also member of some prestigious scientific society.

My test scores are:

GRE: Q: 800 (98%), V: 730 (98%), A: 790 (98%)

GMAT: Q(like 99.99%) V(99%)

Hindi: guess 99%

Japanese: Passed level 1 of Japanese Proficiency exam (77%).

If he (he will know people) or Google can find somebody better please let me know. Am very curious. Am I really so dumb?