IIT Bombay graduate testifying against me

In America I sued, or rather went through arbitration against Option One Mortgage, a subsidy of H&R Block, the tax giant. Just a few days prior was having lunch with Jeet Karnik. He did his masters in mathematics at IIT Bombay. Then he did his Ph.D. from University of Michigan, a reputed university. After that he was working in mortgage in middle America at a very low salary of about $60,000 per year.

Our senior VP too had a Michigan doctorate. He decided to bring Jeet Karnik in Option One at a salary of $120,000 per year.

Jeet was the first Indian to apologize to me before openly hurting me. Most Indians hurt me in secret to save their skins. He told me that he is a dog. His salary is very decent, much better than the salary in Ohio as some place like that. He couldn’t find such salary at other places.

The arbitration began. The company produced a written testimony from Jeet stating that my work quality was poor , so that the company could claim it was my poor work quality that led to my dismissal.

If I lost the case I had to pay the lawyer’s fees around $300,000 which I didn’t have. Now the verdict was almost sure. I would lose.

I had a black co-worker, Mike Cadell (or Caddell) who had left the company earlier. Found him and he agreed to testify for me.

In the arbitration room, he testified that what I was claiming was what really happened. The company had stopped giving me work to force me to leave the company. The company’s lawyer tried hard to prove him wrong but didn’t succeed.

I won thanks to his testimony. Earlier too a black pastor has saved my skin. More about that later.

Would have lost if Mike Cadell didn’t show up. Thanks.

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