My nanaji’s death

He was a famous lawyer’s assistant (munshi) in Bihar Sharif. He could practice law by himself. He did financially well. He had interest in occult and did chart reading too.

The incident I am to describe here was not witnessed by me, but by several who were at home with him in Bihar Sharif.

One day he got up and after was busy the entire day. In the evening when he was free, he made the comment “I am surprised that I am still alive. My calculations tell me that I should die today.” To which naniji said, “you talk too such. It’s time to rest. Go and sleep.” Some time later when she want to the bedroom, there was nanaji, dead.

This is not first hand information but from sources who I trust. An incident I will describe to you later happened to have me as a witness. Equally remarkable.

I know most of Indians who are educated will roll their eyes and start screaming, “You are lying.” This is what Western education has taught them.

One of them, an IIM Ahmedabad gold medalist, an IITian from my batch told me of spreading false rumors, about an incident which I had witnessed personally. He quoted Indian constitution on penalty? for spreading rumors. He has memorized trivial facts like that.

My racial discrimination case on the front page, he and others have refused to read them. My two lawyers, both from top schools, took them and a group of dozen human right lawyers heard them. They believed in me but a layman in India starts screaming that I must be lying. They are adamant about it. “You are lying.” I am afraid the end of India is close. Your karma.

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