Honest IAS officer AIR 4

I think he perhaps started the trend of IITians appearing for UPSC exams. For me IAS positions were a big no-no, thought IAS officers were only good for corruption and bribery.

He studied civil engineering at IIT. Not a very difficult branch, but still he studied hard and secured silver medal standing first in the class.

He had a good body, result of attending the gym. I was a weakling. We were in the same wing. One way for him to show affection was to punch me and loudly say ,”You stupid.” In the beginning I didn’t know what to do, and then I started hitting him back screaming, “You stupid.”

He was one of the few who were direct and honest.

Then one day I heard from Maniyar that his scholarship to Rice university was rejected because of his lower than required GRE scores.

After graduation, he moved to Chennai and enrolled in masters program in IIT.

To punish me perhaps my company L&T had transferred me to Chennai at that time. So perhaps I could leave them.

One day reading the Hindu newspaper, saw his photo on the front page, IITian secured all India 4th position on IAS exam. Couldn’t believe it, And made a trip to IIT campus and met him. Was happy for him.

He used to tell me in Bombay that he will become an IAS officer and will root out corruption. I used to hit him back and say, “Stupid.”

Glad he turned out the way he did. Head of HUDCO, secretary of Bangalore etc. And proudly saying he has been transferred dozens of time.

Turned out to be an honest IAS officer.

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