World’s Worst Forecast

I was at Option One Mortgage. We used Loan Performance for delinquency forecast. Neil Pallante and Tu Le were in virtual charge. There was a problem with the product. Our calibration method was faulty. If we broke down loans by months things would have much better. Instead Neil Pallante took all loans in aggregate. The results were ridiculous. The CEO got tired. Previous month delinquency was 1,000 loans, this month 1,100 loans and the forecast was 100,000 loans. When I told I could do it within 1%,Neil Pallante asked me to show them my methodology and gave me 3 hours and then VP heard it and to my pleasure removed me from the project.

They continued for a few more months and CEO got really really tired. Neil Pallante wanted me back. I wrote to the CEO that I don’t want to work in the world’s worst forecast. Neil Pallante was fired.

Now Tu Le transferred me to Si Sing’s group and no work was given to me. Every month I had to produce my forecast and give it to a Caucasian. He presented it as his work and other executive called him “genius.”