Why UPSC (IAS) interviews?

You prepare for the UPSC exam. Go to Delhi, stay in a small room get food from local dhaba, borrow money from parents, study and study. In your 5th attempt you pass the exam. Now is the interview. Many of us wonder why is the need for the interview. How many ways can one answer ‘why do you want to be an IAS officer.’ Aren’t they sick of hearing the same exact 10 lakh answers, and how can you stand out.

The answer is that the interview is to make sure the ‘preferred’ candidates get selected. Let’s say reputed foreign diplomat’s son is getting interviewed. He replies “F*** you, you idiots.”

What will the interviewing board do? They will throw him out and later they will get thrown out of their jobs? Or laugh and say, “Great answer. we want a person with complete integrity in dealing with the Chinese. 100/100. Selected. ” Knowing he will become the MEA in due time, that’s the right way of doing things.

In short, interviews are modern way of nepotism. Some seats are left after the ‘preferred ‘ candidates have been selected. There is your chance. Less than 50 out of 200. Just pretend to total dumb. They don’t want any questioning and thinking types to disrupt the entire set up. That goes against Indian ethos. There will be that standard question, :Why do you want to be an IAS officer.” Just answer the one you got from the coaching classes, “Right from childhood I wanted to serve the people and ….” Don’t burst out laughing. Suicide. From their smiles you will know your answer has the desired effect.” Chances maximized.

In my IIM-Ahmedabad interview I made the mistake of asking where was the group discussion. It was all 1 minute presentations only. There was no need for that. I got 1,1,1,1,2 in the interview. Among the lowest.

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