Why this site, now?

In 1995 I started my internet activities. Soon it was obvious to me it is a low cost but effective cast to spread my words. I remember the time I asked Mr. Pillai , of Indian wire services in Tokyo, to publish my lawsuit news in Indian newspapers, he flatly denied at first. We had an argument over the phone. Finally, to be safe, he published a news as short as possible. “Kamal Sinha sued Mitsubishi Electric.” It was published in even Patna. In contrast India Abroad in California published a long interview with me. In Japan, Japan Law Review, extremely prestigious magazine, published my interview. Nihon Keisai Shinbun wrote articles supporting me.

Now also things haven’t changed much. In IIT reunions nobody wants to talk about it. Instead last year they talked about Jeff Bezos, their hero.

“You are lying” or “we don’t believe you” are the most common refrains pointed to me.

Now I realize that what else can be expected in a low IQ country. Denial and denial.

Internet search can be very pointed. Not now, but over time you will know something happened to a top-notch IITian at Mitsubishi. It could be a job offer from one of the Mitsubishi companies. I just want you to be careful.

There will be great reluctance to read my story. But it can save your life and career.

I think maybe some higher being let me go though this to help others. There is no obligation on you though.

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