Why Indians have the highest IQ in America?

Watched a few minutes of Dr. Vikas Divyakirti’s video on YouTube where he mentioned that Indians, being Asian-Americans have the highest IQ in America. The term Asian-America, is understood by most there applies to Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc. Indians are South Indians. and get this straight, their IQ is lower than of white Americans. And the elites of IITs – I am an IITian, I am privy to that – my estimate is they come in that category.

Also I am going to write about a Sumer Johal under IIT column, Sumer Johal, an Indian who studied at MIT. Got two degrees from there with scholarships. I worked under him and my estimate of his IQ is that he was below average, something below 90. But he could lie shamelessly and with the help of Sanjay Dayal, an IITian, fooled Americans using his MIT credentials and lying. When I think of him, I burst into laugh. Will write soon.

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