Why Indians have about the lowest IQ?

When it became clear to me that in spite of our bragging, we are considered to be plain dumb. A few months ago we had an accident on a navy ship and I think the officer died. Chinese were reported to be laughing at it placing the blame on the dumbness of the navy officer. Truly insensitive, laughing at others’ tragedies, but we have to ask why the situation has become so bad.

I tried to think of it and have a plausible answer. This being India, I expect a really dumb person to emerge shouting, “You are wrong. You are stupid.” Anyway.

I think answer lies in so many attacks being made on India. Each attacking army came with lots of soldiers, some smart and some dumb. Unfortunately smart ones went back, while the dumb ones stayed here trying to make a start here. They married local women. Woman IQ 100, soldier’s IQ 90. Their son be about 95 IQ, the average of parents’. This process was repeated again and again. It can’t go any lower now. If both parents have the same IQ 80, the child is likely to about 80 IQ.

It’s not a bad thing. I have met many Chinese, in general they are money-crazy, and don’t really enjoy life. Indians had learnt the art of contentment. And their mind set is philosophic which is good too.

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