Why don’t we learn?

In India it is every day China-bashing. Some of it can be understood, but shows childish mentality of ours. China has told us countless times that China and India are both developing nations and mutually they should try to solve problems.

Problem goes back to 1962. I read a book by an American guy. He put the blame on Nehru who had posted Indian soldiers inside China, hoping China won’t take actions. And I read books either blaming China or India.

Can’t we behave like grownups. China can’t be pushed around. They perceive some unfairness the world has inflicted on them. They think Taiwan is theirs and it is difficult to argue against them. Hong Kong is another issue.

Indian like to follow the Caucasians or Japan. I don’t think it is a winning strategy. Goal should not be to beat China. That is almost impossible to do. Goal should be to grow ourselves with assistance of China.

I have been to poor countries like Mexico, Peru and found them to lead much better life. They are middle income countries and except for areas with drug trades are quite well off. Met a Mexican girl, asked her to visit India. She had been to India and refused, informing others that India is very dirty. I kept quite.

India will have to change its goals,

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