White Tiger – Future belongs to Browns and Yellow

Recently watched White Tiger. Enjoyed watching Rajkummar Rao and Priyanka Chopra in their supporting roles. The part that cracked me up was the dialogue of the Bihari boy that the whites had the past but the future belongs to the browns and the yellows.

When did the Brown start including themselves in that equation?

My manager, mixed Chinese and white, told me the nearby university, University of Irvine, or UCI, was known as the University of Chinese and Indians. Curious I visited the campus which was a couple of miles away from my residence. what I saw was that it was 99% Chinese, and 1% Indians. Same was the story anywhere it mattered. In Berkeley campus, the story was similar. By the way, Gita Gopinath, world Bank’s economist and Harvard’s professor, and I , were in a mathematics class – Real Analysis – at Berkeley together some twenty years ago. More on it sometime later.

So, Chinese are aware that we are sensitive on it and they are careful. So when they hear how great IITs are , they just smile, just having graduated from an institute which is 100 times better.

Believe me when they tell they don’t consider India to be their rival , they are being truthful. And believe me now I am hearing that the underdeveloped African countries are thinking of getting ahead of India in a few decades.

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