Western Toilets in India

Japan had traditional toilets similar to that in India. When I moved to Japan in 1989, my apartment had Western style toilets. Instructions to use the toilets – in 3 or 4 steps was printed on toilet, not possible to remove, so everyone could read them.

In India there are no instructions. Even in Rajdhani’s AC 1 class, or lower AC 2 class, the western toilets are there, but no instruction, as everywhere in India. The risk turns out that someone has peed all over the seats. Now because of mischief, but because of lack of knowledge. A simple instruction painter in the toilet would have helped. I say painted because anything that is movable will be stolen. When I was in IIT, some students took pride in traffic lights they stole. It was a mark of prestige for them. A few passengers met with accidents because of that, who cares? One guy used to hit the street lamps and make the roads dark. We remember the good old times, don’t we?

So keep the printed instructions in the toilets, and put government sponsored ads on the media. If Modi wants to keep India clean, not just making toilets will do, it has to train people how to use them.

I use Indian style toilets even though I find Western styled more convenient. Whole idea of using toilets is a nightmare. Another thing, I always carry a partial block of toilet papers with me. I was in the Delhi airport, and found that when I needed it, the entire toilet paper was gone, perhaps in somebody’s house for memory.

Can’t start a campaign for that because the minister in-charge will get the whole thing stolen and sold to the market, that is my educated guess. Tell the shopkeeper, you want the airport paper, he might sell it for discount.

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