We had a postdoc among us

Decided to change my life one semester. Study hard was my motivation.

The professor came. The course was named probably Linear Systems.

He started writing. A large matrix. Some 10 by 20 matrix.

No words. Perhaps he was on a silence vow.

Soon the one hour got over. With that my motivation.

A very standard experience.

Other common experience was that the course will start at a nice pace. Couldn’t believe it was happening in IIT.

The final exam dates announced. Then comes the announcement that make-up classes will be held during the exam week. Some the night before.

Some 50% of the course material was covered.

Ah, so exciting. In Berkeley they could not hold classes one week before to the end of semester. IITs are the best.

And the Narendra Karmarkar experience. In the classroom he would ask some question suitable for a Postdoc course. Everyone else became silent. Even Gurgar and Venky. Professor looked pleased. At least one person has completed the requirement for admission to IIT – a PhD. I will start looking down at the times of India crossword. Should have felt guilty, but didn’t. Expect after a few years when people through India will talk about the mathematical genius Karmarkar, my name will be probably dealt briefly as a spoiled brat influenced by foreign powers who accused him of completing PhD studies before starting IIT undergrad program.

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