We are like the bird

in the cage that has been suddenly set free. It happened to our parrot, Mitthu. His cage was weak and one day the bottom fell down and he came out. What did he do next. He walked around the cage until I spotted him. I picked him up and put back in the cage. All this time there was no attempt for Mitthu to escape.

Thousand of years of slavery has burned in the bird in the cage. We don’t want to be set free.Things are reasonably comfortable. A government job will be heavenly, a milky while girl (in case of guys), entrance to the IIT will be god-sent, if not then computer science at the local college, or even lower in prestige categories. In jobs at least the Amazon delivery person’s job is not going away. Nothing else, we can prepare for IAS exam for a decade or so, mother will prepare us food regularly.

Our expectations are low, and we are satisfied easily. In this web site if I tell you Japanese companies are not our friends, you will wonder what’s the big deal.

For me also I have learnt that it is impossible to change Indian mind. About a 100 years ago Bengali revolutionaries, some children, dropped bombs on British ruler only to be hanged as a result, this is not going to happen now.

Indians have become very risk-aversed. The problem is that it might create disaster for us. I think we are seeking the safety of American and Japanese arms, and it might help in the short term, but what if China become stronger, and we know they might in fifteen years or so.

Our problem is that we are not strong mentally. Indians lack character. So, I have decided to write my thoughts here knowing well nobody will pay any attention to them. I will have the satisfaction of when people talk about a country called India, which foolishly picked up a fight with China and was destroyed completely researcher will point out there was this guy Kamal Sinha, who wrote on a cheap web site to warn them, but nobody listened to him. Wish Indians would have listened to him.

Know it is just a fantasy. In this retirement, with a fairly decent living, there is nothing much to do. My writing is like talking to myself, as you see many old people do. I can imagine if my opinions matter.

I will add a few IIT stories. Know you people love them. Nandan Nilekani was a very friend. But how much can I milk his name without pissing him off. Wonder.

I told the Patna policeman that Manohar Parrikar was a classmate, he looked at me and told me, “Look at you. Even we don’t know you.”

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