Visit to Kabana in Berkeley

Kabana is a well known restaurant in Berkeley serving Pakistani food. I have heard that it serves good Pakistani food unlike other Indian restaurants which fall short on meat preparations. I am a vegan and had never been there.

For our lunch Sanjay Dayal, Sumer Johal, and one more from Xamplify and I went there once at least. Since there were many Indian restaurants near the company where even I could eat a decent meal, besides providing them with chicken, I had a puzzling look on my face. Sanjay Dayal answered “Because they have good chicken, Indian restaurants don’t.”

They had good non-veg meals I heard. I didn’t eat there because virtually nothing on the menu was vegan-friendly. And the strong chicken smell there!

If you happen to visit Berkeley, might visit Kabana serving Pakistani cuisine. Sumer Johal of MIT, BS and MS, both from MIT, used to like that place. If you are a vegetarian, it would be better to avoid that place.

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