US, Japan and India

Indian youth is quite determined to make USA and Japan their friends while hate China who is the root reason of all that is evil in the world.

Could it be that thousands of years of slavery has its impact on the Indian mind, unable to understand the reality.Most animals until the exact time they are butchered, are incapable of knowing what’s in the mind of the loving owner. In factory farming in West, the cows know something is wrong when they are standing in the line to get butchered but can’t do a thing. In India chicken are butchered in front of other chicken, they are disturbed for a short while, but next minute or so, all is forgotten, and they are busy again.

Both America and Japan has horrible stories. American’s killed red Indians in millions and even now, when they need cheap oil, millions of Iraqi citizens were fair game to be butchered by the bombs. Even children were not spared for the mass massacre.

Japan, on other side, butchered millions of innocent Chinese as they wished.

Smart people throughout the world don’t trust them. Even their Caucasian “friends” spy on them, and Americans spy on their “friends.”

Indians, on the other hand, have their full believe on America and Japan. In South India they know Americans are the kindest. Allowing them to earn millions for serving USA. In Berkeley they had reserved a small piece of land – smaller than a basketball court, Indians were playing Holi in that crowded area feeling so happy. I was working in Sunnyvale and there were no signs of Diwali festivities but nobody seemed mine as long as their salaries were paid on time, and in US dollars.

If I say America has zero respect for India, many Indians will start accusing me. Many South Indians love American because there is no Hindi, it’s just like heaven. Bengalis love Japan because Bose (popularly known as Netaji in Bengal) as so respected in Japan. I was in Japan, and didn’t see any respect for Bose or for that matter, for Indians.

Read a few books on Bose. One was by an American, who found that Japanese act so well. I found him to be accurate in his portrayal of Japanese. Indians don’t read him. Another author from UK wrote an insightful book on Bose, Indians won’t read him. A few books on Bose, by Indians, are so stupid, but Indians love those books. I think some popular imaginations are putting Americans as the good guy, and they might be killing millions of Indians to help us reincarnate to a better life.

Stupidity is not unique to Indians but the level of stupidity in India, is seen to be believed. About 25-30 years from now, when the Americans won’t need the mediocre software, Indians are known for producing, it will be known whether they are friends or not. Indians won’t listen to warnings. I am writing for the future generations, when they try to analyze why 1.40 crore people perished, some answers might become clear to them. “Because Indians were stupid.”

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