Understanding Japanese Society

I found one book to be of vital importance when dealing with them and trying to understand what motivates the, It is Japanese Society by Chie Nakame.

Especially when I read about what happened to Mr. Bose aka Netaji, I have many books, and all are of delusional minds.Almost all of them have kindly Japanese helping Netaji escape. This is because of failure to understand how Japanese think and act. That’s why I tell my story or when one reads about crore Chinese brutally murders by the Japanese, Indians find it difficult to digest when they compare it to the image of Japanese in workplace, always apologizing, smiling, and taking a deep bow.

Chinese know the Japanese very well. Indians don’t know them at all. Indians are delusional. In the movie by famed director Shyam Benegal the Japanese tell the Indians why they respect them. It was so funny. But most Indians will take it seriously. When Japanese prime minister comes to Kolkata, and tells people Japanese still remember Netaji, it made me laugh. I remember seeing photo of an elderly Japanese who remembers Netaji. He is probably the only person in Japan does so. Except for the Indians in Japan.

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