The singer guy in Berkeley

He was about 35, slim. He was the part of a band, that toured just to make money. Just money to pay the rent, sharing a house with 3-4 others, eating simple food, living a simple life. I used to see him in the gym.

That I learnt in Berkeley and Oakland. They lead simple lives, earn just enough to live on, and are not complaining about lack of money.

In the beginning I used to be complaining about why somebody who is less talented getting more money like that. I got over that tendency. If I am living comfortably, how does it matter if others are getting more. I go to IIT reunions and when they start talking about money matters, that bores me the most. That has remained.

On my lowest possible pension I live comfortably. By Indian standards it is more than enough. I could like on half of that pension – easily.

This is one of the biggest gifts of San Francisco Bay Area – learning to live fully on less. Luckily Indians were far away – in Silicon Valley – they and their wives competing to have the bigger house, bigger necklace, and things like that.

I find that Indians in India are trying to do the same. I see growing unhappiness among them – the Hindu publishing 1.5 crore rupees lackages, and do on.

I have got rid of most of my material goods, like comfortably though and am happy.

There is one other thing I learnt there – very important. Will write about that next time.

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