Tested it on Bengalis First

My story about Mitsubishi I told to Bengalis first. Knowing they are the most delusional. I was not disappointed.

First one in America was an undergrad at UC Berkeley. A well respected school.

As soon as I said I was harassed in Japan, he screamed, “You are lying, They are the kindest people in the world.” I thought this idea came to him from his parents. Perhaps he does not know Netaji was killed by the Japanese. It has been similar every where,

Even Rajesh Gupta, my friend from IIT, refused to read the 60 page booklet I gave it to be free.

On this site too, while some have glanced at the relevant pages, I am afraid, many of them have come to know if IITs are better then MIT. Or to know about the JEE. That is what gives them identity.

My story tells them that their perceptions about Japan and Mitsubishi are totally wrong. So understandably they refuse to read them. But which is better. Read my stories and afterwards think you have wasted 15 minutes of your time, or facing your death and your near and dear ones’ too, regret that wish you would have read them, “Oh damn, what was I thinking.”

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