Suzuki san was disappointed

Suzuki was my coworker at Mitsubishi, Oofuna computer works. One day when he came he looked happy. Seems like he had to meet a American representative of Gupta Technologies, a database vendor, popular those days.

He dresses smart and was set to meet this American in a hotel or restaurant in Tokyo.

He came back after a few hours. He didn’t look very happy. Told me that this was not an American, he was an Indian.

Japanese people don’t know how to deal with Indians especially ones from America with green card or citizenship.

In contrast Indian subcontinent guys are easier. One day I met a Nepali in Tokyo. We talked and I told him I work in the computer works in Mitsubishi in Oofuna (actually Kamakura). One day got a call from the security at the gate that someone was looking for me. Went to the gate, about 5 minutes walk, saw this Nepali guy. Appeared that he wanted to import a young Negali girl into Japan and it would be nice if I could provide the authorities that she was my wife. It would greatly help his case.

How could he think I would do that. Without getting a proper suitable commission!

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