Sundar Pichai, better watch out

I was escorted out of downtown San Framcisco building, next to bus stand, by 2 security guards, in view of everybody, later I found, on online complaint by “friend” Partha Saha. Two three months later, only one lawyer responded to my letters. He was John T. Mullan. Checked and his legal firm was rated in the top 10 regarding employment in the entire USA. There are millions of lawyers in the USA, and top 10, I felt like I had hit the bull’s eyes.

Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, L.L.P. was the name of his firm. Earlier I had asked a black fruit seller in the Berkeley’s Farmers Market about which lawyer to hire. He replied immediately, “Jewish.”

John T Mullan wrote a letter to University of Phoenix in Denver, and their reaction was immediate. Two, one lawyer, from Phoenix were flying to San Francisco to talk to me about settlement.

A few days before the meeting Mullan, informed me their friend X, will be in the meeting. I forgot his name. But if know about legal cases and huge settlements, you will know his name.

I read about one of them which is used in legal text books for legal manipulations. There was a firm of lawyers and one senior lawyer was known in the industry for his sexual indiscretions. That firm hired a female secretary cum typist for $36,000 or $30,000 a year. Quite low wages.

In a month he came to the secretary to pick his letter, and in the rush, his hands touched the secretary’s breasts.

She was quite different. She contacted lawyers and one of them was this Mr. X. He used different angles to get a verdict of $9 million.

Unheard of that at that time. I read that was reduced to $6.1 million on appeal. I think she accepted it and later went to Bahamas with her money.

So he was there and Mullan. In a break, we were trying to talk. He asked me about IIT and Google’s head Sunder Pichai. Their ears became alert, listening to every word I spoke carefully.

It is well known in Silicon Valley their are lots of sexually repressed technocrats from India. There are many girls honing their praying skills on them, and so are lawyers looking for potential billion dollars cashback. Am sure Google’s real owners have checked his background from childhood to IIT to Google. I have just two words to tell to Sunder Pichai. Be Careful.

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