Sumer Johal was good at

Don’t want to bad mouth a person. Especially when he is not around. There must be something redeeming about him.

There was one thing I still remember.

He would give me an assignment and to help me write down the SQL query (the where clause) lightning fast.

For example find out the average balance of persons greater then 50 years old.

He would immediately write on a piece of paper

where age > 50

Where age of the account is less than 5 years. No problem,

where age.account < 5

Where number of creit cards is zero.

where credit.card = 0

It continued. Tom Emerson, who used to be near half the time, gave me a smile. Half the time he was with the dentist perhaps. Smiling was difficult there.

On a few occasions tried to stop him. Of no avail.

One thing Sumer Johal was good at, or rather excellent at, was writing where clauses of SQL queries. That I must give it to him.

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