Spot the fake gurus of foreign affairs

  1. They have books with “India” in its title. Something positive. E.g. Indian century, India and Japan to rule the world forever.

It shows the author is delusional and has no knowledge of the world.

2. Use of the word ‘war.’ Eg Coming war between India and China,.

Shows that author is being paid the warmongers – US and Japan. They want India to have a war to benefit US and Japan even though China and India have remained without war for most of the time. Japan and USA love to kill specially children . In modern era war was created by media for a small bribe.

3. Classify every attempt by China to help others, as a debt trap.Most of the developing world actually no one believes that crap except for these ‘experts’ who are generously compensated by USA and Japan. Some mistakes are done but the intent was to make reasonable profits. Trial and error.

4. Have you seen a Chinese or Indian movie. Even in the Kung-fu movies the emphasis is on art form.Death is of very little significance. In Indian movies the emphasis is on dialogues. Sholay is remembered for the dialogues, not for its killings. In American movies, even the love stories plot are changed – attacked by zombies, aliens, drug wars, people watch that and say paisa vassol.

In its history India has never attacked any country. Even after Kalinga war, the King to atone for his killings sent delegates to China to spread non-violence. In contrast US and Japan love to kill and rape. It turns them on. There experts are readying India to attack China. Indians are questioning why? They are happy with China.

Tell me how many Indians look at newspapers and say OMG, China’s GDP went up by 10%. They are happy and satisfied if their basic needs are met. That’s the basis of Indian philosophy. Chinese students do well in America and one should see the American faces. Fuming with jealosy.

After the two trouble makes – the USA and Japan – are gone, India and China will prosper again and will be beneficial to each other. That’s my hope.

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