Spelling Bee kids

I watched portions of it. In America Indian kids monopolize this competition. From very early age – something in the neighborhood of 6 years. What are they doing?

There is no doubt they learn perseverance. They are other easily ways to learn the value of perseverance – like watch those 5-day cricket matches (do they still play them), and watch Pataudi bat – scoring first run after 100 minutes of play.

They are definitely not learning languages. While the Chinese are competing in science talents, Indians are doing something that is of very little value.

I guess it will become very popular in India. Maybe will become part of IIT entrance exam. I feel sympathy for those kids, who are working hard but are not guided well by their parents. Same way I feel sympathy for kids who are rote memorizing for JEE in most cases. They are not learning engineering or technology. The other day a young man gave me an assignment he had done – make a shopping cart, add products in it, add up their prices. He was proud. His parents too. One more aspirant to Amazon’s shopping cart group.

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