So many arm chair experts!

Checking internet. Seems like Indians are experts on all topics. Saw something like “wolf’, ‘debt-trap’. Indian guys who coined these terms are now resting assured that their names in the history are immortalized. While the Chinese, those nameless workers, would be forgotten, Indian names will continue – long wolf diplomacy or whatever will be discussed till the end of earth, his disciple will remind us of great master who said the famous phrase used by humanity, “who am I ” Please the I used here should always in bold, capitalized, if used for the master.

Met two French women at Auroville a couple of years back. They were excited about India’s future – next superpower, highest rate of growth. I said cut this crap out. Then they changed their tunes instantly. Oh, you are from America. Well, in its entire history of 5,000 years Indians have not contributed anything to the world, in sciences or arts, I won’t disagree, but there is hope. HOPE.

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