Sharing Odwalla juices in Berkeley

Odwalla was a high end juice later acquired by Coke. At the work place there was a separate vending machine stocking only Odwalla juices and it was free.

I made frequent use of it and it filled me up. That time I care about excess sugar but now I won’t drink it.

I used to drink 2-3 of them in the nights when I was working alone in the office. During daytime I was careful partaking of them.

Weekends were a riot. Friend Mark Box used to show up and I used to give 2-3 bottles to him. That way both of us didn’t sleep hungry.

Prices were about $2 to $3.5 per bottle. The protein ones were more expensive. I made more use of them.

It was a norm in technology firm to offer free juices. Later companies had even free lunches, meals etc.

To me and Mark, it helped us survive those days.

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