Shammi Kapoor

After work at Nariman Point, sometimes used to watch movies in the VT area so that could go home later when the crowd subsided.

One of my favorite movie theaters was New Excelsior. New and generally showed good English movies.

One day I booked a balcony ticket to watch Godfather – I or 2 I don’t remember. The aisle seat was already booked therefore booked the seat next to it.

Movie almost started and still there was no trace of the person on the aisle seat. Then a person came and sat on the seat. He was tall and hefty by Indian standards. I gave a glance at him and he looked like Shammi Kapoor. Didn’t dare to look again but that was my suess.

Nowadays I am watching movie songs and movies on YouTube etc and realize that Shammi Kapoor was a good actor too. I little flamboyant, but entertaining. I think the name Junglee in the search engine space might have come from him. So is the name Yahoo. Just wild guessing.

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