SC / ST in IIT

Schedule cast an schedule tribes are a thorny issue in IIT. Personally I feel we have to bring equality in society and have to take steps to implement that.

Many people feel angry. Their son has been denied admission and they see somebody apparently not qualified entering IIT. Disgust at unfairness.

I will write about a funny incident here. No side taking, just narrate.

When I was in the third or fourth year, a person from SC category was admitted and he lived in Hostel 7, the same hostel I lived in.

Afterwards he came to know about him. Was surprised that he was from the same area in W.Bengal I lived in – in Ichapore, where my father worked in the ordnance factory – Rifle Factory.

His address was in a famous locality in Ichapore. Near the river Ganges. His fouse was well known – we called it the K. house. It was a reference point for us.

His family was well to do, definitely richer then my family and other middle class families.

I think most SC/ST candidates come from much poorer segments but this case was interesting.

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