Satyajit Ray’s Movie

He was an excellent movie director. Saw his last English language movie – Home and Outside. There was a scene where Utpal Dull mentioned evils of the world and he mentioned atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When I was as student in Bengal, dropping of atom bombs was frequently mentioned in debates to show how racists westerners were, they simply punished Japan for claiming Asia was for Asians.

Now I know Japan better. Those bombs saved innocent foreigners like Chinese and Koreans and others from barbarians from Japan, I thanks Western for that.

Oh I forgot, most in India don’t know about Japan – cauel barbarians killing and raping close to millions. Indians media has banned those incidents.

Modi and everybody in business and politics have pledged to their Japanese masters to keep silent for token payment.

If there is a war in future, there is a good likelihood your dear and dear ones will die horrible deaths safeguarding war criminals from Japan. Modi will get millions for his reelection fund, a Shankasen, fare Rs 10,000, French war planes at discount, and Japan’s Loyal Servant award. More about Ray’s sell out movie later. He was an artist and he should have remained there.

Movie was entertaining in you if you believe in, like the rich NRI gives the property for free, do wonder people are disappointed when I don’t give them expensive gifts, many NRI lose their property, after 10 years are so they are given to their relatives, no need for them to come back to India, SBI bank does this service absolute free of cost

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