Runners up: 1

Jadhavpur (Enginnering) University

Jadhavpur was my only choice if I didn’t get into IIT. Didn’t have to use that choice, even though I got admission there too.

Two years back was going to Kolkata, by Shalimar AC 1 class. The co-passenger was from Jadhavpur. After I told him about problems with IIT Bombay, my favorite hobby, he got excited and said, “I knew it, Jadhavpur is better than IIT. He was about 50-55. Imagine living your life repeating,” Jadhavpur is better.” Quite pathetic.

One of my class mates at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gautam Biswas, too got there. In school, once mother told me that he was comparing himself to me. I really didn’t want to be there with myself being compared to. Gautam was good at eating huge amounts in marriages – ate 40 rasagullas, 10 sweet lassi etc, knew all the tricks, I couldn’t compete with him. Last time I saw him in class anniversery in Barrackpore and am glad he is going well without me to compare to.

Indian Statistical Institute

My mathematics teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Mr. Nandi, used to tell me go study at ISI. I kept that in mind even followed what was happening there. Even taking courses at Univ of California at Berkeley, thought of that. Seemed exciting.

Recently saw Dr. Subramanian Swamy on TV. In past was impressed by his credentials. But now watching him, begging USA for better arms my admiration evaporated. Then I came to know that he did his masters at ISI, I think my fascination with Indian Statistical Institute is over.

In short, am glad I went to IIT Bombay to do my electrical engineering. It was bad, but could have been worse, that is the curse of being born in India.

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